About Us

Kid Friendly. Parent Approved

Toggles for Goggles ® are unique and colorful accessories that allow children to personalize and easily identify their goggles, reducing the number of lost goggles and making goggles FUN! Toggles for Goggles ® are universal to most goggles and can easily be secured to goggle straps. They can also be seamlessly swapped out to add variety. The more you have, the more fun they are!

Co-founders Courtney and Tom Billings have three young children. During the summer of 2017, Courtney was tired of hearing that someone misplaced another pair of goggles. Courtney dreamed about ways to make her children’s goggles stand out among all the pairs that were lying on the pool deck. Over the next twelve months, and after purchasing too many pairs of goggles, Toggles for Goggles ® was created.

Toggles for Goggles ® are made in America.  They are kid-friendly and parent-approved. Patent pending.

How Did Toggles for Goggles Get Started?

The idea for Toggles for Goggles came to co-founder Courtney Billings in the summer of 2017 after her kids lost their third pair of goggles. What parent hasn’t searched futilely around the pool for a lost pair of goggles?

As Courtney thought of ways she could add identifiers to her kids’ goggles beyond using black markers to write on the straps, it occurred to her that there was really no way to buy swimming accessories that would allow kids to customize goggles at all. Beyond a few standard variations, ALL GOGGLES ARE THE SAME. That's when she realized there was a two-fold opportunity. If she could create a product that allowed kids to accessorize and customize their goggles with charms, it would both add fun for the kids AND decrease the odds of losing goggles. Parents and kids can save time searching the pool deck for lost goggles. A win-win for parents and kids plus a big money saver! 

Having three young children herself, Courtney knows how much like they like to individualize their things, whether it’s toys, clothes. or anything else. Yet for some reason every time they went to the pool their goggles got lost in a sea of goggles that looked EXACTLY THE SAME.

Accessorizing and individualizing goggles shouldn't have to be that hard! There should be a way to buy swimming accessories online, at the toy store, or at the pool that lets all boys and girls feel unique.

Not only that, it should be sold at a price that makes sense for parents. At $3.49, if these toggles save even one pair of lost goggles they will pay for themselves! If Courtney's experience with her kids is anything like yours, then one pair of lost goggles every year is a near certainty.

The biggest challenges were creating a product that was usable on all the various types of goggle straps, that was also easy to take on and off the strap AND equally secure on all goggle straps, and were cool! After many design variations, Toggles for Goggles finally came into existence. 

These days Courtney's kids look forward to going to the pool not just for the swimming, but to show off a new combination of toggles!  They even enjoy trading their toggles with friends. Even swim teams can enjoy using toggles to stand out. Sometimes it's letters, sometimes it's designs and sometimes it's both! As we've said, the more you have the more fun they are!